hi/I'm Bill

I'm a UX design leader specializing in a holistic view of a customer's entire brand journey.

My daily goal is twofold: Serve my customers by delivering creative, research-based design solutions that meet measurable goals; and serve my team with mindful, deliberate leadership.

Did you also know...

ILive in Denver, Colorado • Have enjoyed a meal in 13 countries (so far) • Am a passable mountain biker • Have hugged a nuclear reactor control rod • Was born in Pasadena, California • Enjoy downhill skiing • Am a longtime avid user of Macs • Grew up on a barely-sustaining Missouri farm • Lift (kinda) heavy things at Crossfit • Delight in a delicious craft beer • Described as a morning person • Married my lovely wife Annie sixteen years ago • Have swum among jellyfish in the Indian Ocean • Have little tolerance for shitty coffee • Have jumped off a cliff in Australia • Listen to NPR • Have traded the socks off my feet for a pair of hand-carved salad tongs. On the beach. • Read 1-2 books a month
Picture of Bill Holland (Austin, Texas)
Austin, Texas. Photo by Ben Chrisman.

Current and Past Lives


Distilling complexity into delightful customer experiences since 1995.


Led a team to operate nuclear power plants onboard aircraft carriers.


Built a successful small business serving 400 clients across 14 years.


Travel, landscape, and “recovering” wedding photographer. (Photos here)


Always thinking about the big picture while sweating all the details.


Serving as lead mentor to tech startups at Boomtown Accelerator, and to junior UX designers.

Additional Reading

Essays on achieving customer delight on The Art of Delight blog.


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Mom would be proud

“Bill is invested in providing a service and a product that excels in quality of product as well as service and value. Having worked with Bill over the last several years I’ve found his experience and expertise valuable to my own growth both personally and professionally. His ability to evaluate not only the technical side of my business but also the emotional and mental side from a consumer's perspective has allowed me to fine tune my message and re-evaluate my approach resulting in increased leads and a clearer picture for the future of my company.”
Danielle Couick, CPCE, Event Planner
“Working for Bill was a pleasure. I learned most of what I know how to do now because of the work I did with him and Holland Photo Arts. His attention to detail was something that inspired me to settle for nothing less than the best.”
Eric Kelley, Entrepreneur
“I knew from the moment I talked to you Bill on the phone that this was a match made in heaven. I felt immediately at ease, as if I was talking to a friend already. I wasn’t just a client; you truly were interested in me, in Michael, in our relationship and our hopes for the big day. I remember so clearly talking to Michael that night and saying, “I don’t care how it happens or how much it costs, we have to have the Hollands!” I felt immediately connected to you both as more than just our photographers–you were our friends already.”
Karen Papadales, Client